CRP Zoning

A zoning system is a practical and affordable tool for protected management. The CRP Zoning Plan categories the park into four types of zones, and also recommends that for Buffer Zones be established in certain areas outside the park:

Inside the CRP:
1. Core Zone
2. Multiple Use Zone
3. Recovery Zone

The Community Used Zone (CUZ)

Ulu Senagang and Mongool Baru Village (300 m asl) is located in the foothill of South East of the Crocker Range. Two separate villages bound by Mosolog river, occupied by approximately 392 people were started their settlements in 1970's, before the Park is established in 1984.

CUZs as apreliminary implemented in these villages to contribute to the overall management objectives of the Crocker Range Park, and are therefore required to fulfill ecosystems conservation priorities of the Park.

To continue their livelihoods which depends on the Park for survival, Sabah Parks will be allowed daily activities under Parks provision. This recognition given to local communities has been globally recognized through the ICUN-WCP Categories IV, V and VI.