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Diving at Sipadan Island

An explanation on Diving at Sipadan Island

Diving at Sipadan Island

1. Booking for diving activity can be made either at the Sabah Parks Head Office in Kota-Kinabalu or the Park’s Office in Semporna.
2. Diving operators may book to dive in Sipadan up to six months in advance. A deposit of 50% from the total amount payable must be paid when making the booking. The booking must be confirmed with full payment two weeks prior to the diving date.
3. Any booking cancelled more than two weeks before the dive date, a 10% from the total amount of the fees payable shall be retained by Sabah Parks and the balanced returned. All money paid shall be forfeited if any cancellation is made in less than two weeks before the dive date.
4. All dive/tour operators are requested to provide Sabah Parks booking list in accordance to the date (i.e one list, one date). This is to accelerate the keying in process for reservation, and to enable instant information on any vacancy. Any booking list sent to Sabah Parks containing a mixture of dates will not be entertained.
5. The booking, reservation and issuance of permit to enter Sipadan is solely the discretion of Sabah Parks management, thus, dive operators are not allowed to interfere. Unnecessary interference from the dive operators may cause delay in keying in the advance booking sent by other dive operators and subsequently interrupt the issuance of permits.
6. The booking and reservation staff is authorized to carry out the process of issuance of permit and to make a final decision on its availability. Thus, any dive operator who is found to have caused unnecessary interference or disturbances to the booking and reservation process will not be entertained.
7. Any inquiry on the process or special request shall be referred to the Director or Head of Park Management and Development for his approval.

List of 24 Tour Operators at Sipadan Island

No Tour Operator
01 Bharman Sipadan Dive Safari & Seasport Sdn Bhd
02 Borneo Divers and Seasport (Sabah) Sdn Bhd
03 Dive Semporna Sdn Bhd
04 Borneo Jungle River Island Tours Sdn Bhd
05 North Borneo Dive and Seasports Sdn Bhd
06 Pulau Sipadan Resort Sdn Bhd
07 Seaventures Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd
08 Sipadan-Mabul Resort (Sabah) Sdn Bhd
09 Sipadan Water Village Resort Sdn Bhd
10 The Reef Dive Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd
11 Celebes Explorer
12 Roach Reef Resort and Tours
13 Bum-Bum Borneo Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
14 Noble Inworld Scuba Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd
15 Borneo Speedy Dive
16 Uc Islanders Adventure Sdn Bhd
17 Seahorse Sipadan Scuba Sdn Bhd
18 Arung Hayat Sea Adventure Sdn Bhd
19 Asiatic Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
20 MO Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
21 Luxury Megaway Sdn Bhd
22 Oceanic Dive Adventure ABD Tours Sdn Bhd
23 Dreamland Discovery Sdn. Bhd
24 Seri Alijah Travel