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Drone Usage

An explanation on drone usages around Park area

Procedures & Guidelines to Use Drone in Sabah Parks Area

  • Drone must be registered with the Sabah Parks when the operator applies for authorization from the Sabah Parks to use the drone in Sabah Parks Area.
  • Prior approval from Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) is required before filming or photography activities can commerce.
  • Drone fee must be paid in prior;
No Type Fees
01 Drone Registration Fee RM50.00 / unit
02 Commercial(Local) Filming : (i) Fee: RM1,000.00 (ii) Deposit: RM500.00
Photography : Fee: Rm100.00
03 Commercial(Overseas) Filming : (i) Fee: RM12,500.00 (ii) Deposit: RM2,500.00
Photography : Fee: Rm500.00
04 Non-commercial(Local) Filming : Fee: RM500.00
Photography : Fee: Rm100.00
05 Non-commercial(Overseas) Filming : Fee: RM500.00
Photography : Fee: Rm100.00

* Deposit is refundable upon receiving one copies of the edited film.

  • Operating rules;
    • a. Must keep drone in-line of sight all times.
    • b. Must remain under 400ft or 150mt.
    • c. Must fly at or below 100 km/h.
    • d. Must not fly over human or crowd.
    • e. Must not fly from a moving vehicle.
    • f. Must yield right of way to manned aircraft all the time.