Frequently Asked Question

General Questions

This is a few list of faq that we collected at the moment. We will improve the faq content from time to time.

How do I book for Mount Kinabalu Climbing?
You may visit our official booking page at this link for mount kinabalu booking. Please be inform that from Jun 2021 onwards, Mount Kinabalu Climbing booking will be joint administered and manage by Teraz Global. You may visit the new link here.
How many hostel does Sabah Parks manage at Mount Kinabalu?
I would like to fly my drone at some park area, are there any document that I need to filled up or fee that I need to pay?
I'm interested in diving at Sipadan Island, how can I book for a dive?

Online Services

The parks management provide multiple online services and some of the various online services that we provide get tons of question, here's some of the question that we collected.

I would like to do a research on certain fields at some park areas, what are the documentation needed?
To do research at park areas, you may proceed registering with our online research permit at https://researchpermit.sabahparks.org.my. Once you have register with the application, you may find a tutorial on how to apply for research permit. Here's some important document that you have to prepare :
  • Research Proposal
  • Supporting Documents