Crocker Range Park is located in the west coast of Sabah. The Park is approximately 75km in length and 15km wide, run along northeast-southwest axis.It is the largest state terrestrial Park comprising an area of 139,919ha, about twice the size of Singapore. The Park lies within 8 districts with elevation ranging between 100m to 2050m at the peak of Mt. Alab. Most of the park are covered with forest with a tract of perhaps the last remaining hills dipterocarp forest in the west coast of Sabah. It is an important water catchment area with the headwater of five major rivers in the west coast of the state.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours : 8.00am - 5.00pm (Monday to Sunday)

Crocker Range Park

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Crocker Range Park

Updated entrance/conservation Fees. 2023 Rates

Category Fee
International aged 18 years old and above RM 20 / person / day
International aged 17 years old and below RM 12 / person / day
Malaysian aged 18 years old and above RM 6 / person / day
Malaysian aged 13 to 17 years old RM 5 / person / day
Malaysian aged 12 years old and below, 60 years old and above & person with disability Free of charge

Rafflesia Blooming Observation Fee

Updated Fees. 2023 Rates

Category Fee
International (all categories) RM 30 / person / day
Malaysian (all categories) RM 15 / person / day


# Substation Area
01 Mahua Substation Tambunan - 2003
02 Gunung Alab Substation Tambunan - 2006
03 Ulu Kimanis Substation Papar - 2005
04 Ulu Membakut Substation Beaufort - 2006
05 Melalap Substation Tenom - 2005
06 Buayan Substation Penampang - 2006
07 Inobong Substation Penampang - 2003

Mahua Substation, Tambunan

The Mahua substation (Tambunan District) The Mahua substation is situated in Tambunan district and is about 14km from Tambunan town and 6km from the junction of Kg. Patau. It is about 1,000 meters above sea level and covered with tropical forest. The main attraction here is the 17 m tall Mahua waterfall which fall into a 1.3m deep pool. Basic shelters and picnic facilities were available and were very popular with local visitors especially from Tambunan and nerby districts.

Inobong Substation, Penampang

The Inobong Visitor & Research Station (Penampang District) This substation is situated in the district of Penampang and is just about an hour drive from Kota Kinabalu or 20 min from the Dongongon township via the old Papar road. Its cool climate and a spectacular panoramic view of Kota Kinabalu and all of the islands overlooking the waterfront could be seen from a vantange point. Visitor facilities such as chalets and restaurant were completed and will be open in the near future. Trails were available to a waterfall and a longer trail which form parts of the salt trail.

Gunung Alab Substation, Tambunan

Minduk Sirung Trail (Alab - Mahua)

Updated fees. 2023 Rates

# Particulars 18 Years & Above 17 Years & Below Remarks
01 Minduk Sirung Climbing Fee (Malaysian) RM 40 / person RM 20 / person Inclusive of tag and certificate
02 Minduk Sirung Climbing Fee (International) RM 100 / person RM 50 / person Inclusive of tag and certificate
03 Insurance RM 7 / person / day --
04 Mountain Guide RM 150.00 / day / 5 persons --

Ulu Senagang

The Ulu Senagang Substation The Ulu Senagang substation is situated near the boundaries of Tenom and Keningau district which is separated by the Mosolog river. There were two villages inside the parks area which form part of the community use zone . The area were suitable for riverside picnics activities.

Mount Tinutudan Climbing Fee

Updated fees. 2023 Rates

# Particulars 18 Years & Above 17 Years & Below Remarks
01 Mount Tinutudan Climbing Fee (Malaysian) RM 40 / person RM 20 / person Inclusive of tag and certificate
02 Mount Tinutudan Climbing Fee (International) RM 100 / person RM 50 / person Inclusive of tag and certificate
03 Insurance RM 7 / person / day --
04 Mountain Guide RM 150.00 / day / 3 persons --


Melalap (Tenom), Ulu Kimanais (Papar) and Ulu Membakut (Beufort) substation. This three substation were setup mainly for enforcement and management purposes. No visitors facilities were available at the moment. All research activities involving this area should have a written permission from the Director of Sabah Parks.

Activities at Crocker Range Park

Crocker Nature Centre / Nature Education

The Crocker Nature Centre, a new facilities complete with a small lecture room and a gallery displays was officially open in February 2004 and located on a hill about 1/2 km from the main headquarters complex at km 14 Keningau-Kimanis road.

Lying at an altitude of about 1,000m asl the pleasant climate of the montane forest and panoramic view of Keningau town is an ideal place for a small meeting or conferences and also for camping, jungle trekking and outdoor educational activities .

Among the attractions to be found in the Crocker Range Park are the Fernarium, Insecterium, Rafflesia sites, trekking trails, and camping ground.

Environmental or Nature educational programmes especially for school children are very popular and can be conducted by prior arrangement with the Park management.Some of the usual activities were nature trail walk, nature games, quizes and compost making demonstrations.


Hostels type accommodation with double deck beds for 36 persons (approx).There are two exclusive rooms with king sized bed which can accommodate 4 people (2 person per room) and two large rooms for 32 person (16 person per room). The hostel is also equipped with lounge, kitchen facilities, and common bathrooms. Camping Site/Shelter/Restroom Camping site/shelter/restroom were available for visitors in Crocker Range Park Headquarters, Mahua and Inobong substation. Chalets type rooms and restaurant will also be available soon.

Exhibition Centre

An exhibition centre in the Crocker Nature Centre is open from 9.00am to 4.00 pm. Entrance is free. A video show is also available for visitors upon request.

Lecture Room

A medium sized lecture room suitable for 20 person is also available at the Crocker Nature Centre, It is a popular venue for Sabah Parks small sized seminar and is available for rent . For further information please contact the Park Manager / officer in-charge of Crocker Range Park or enquire directly to our head office in Kota Kinabalu.

Viewing Tower

There is a tower with platform for visitor to appreciate a panoramic view of Keningau town and surrounding area.


The Fernarium was set up in 1996 and officially open in 2004. It covered an area of 5 ha.The main objective is to house as many species of fern as possible which were found in Sabah. At the present 229 species had been recorded or planted in the garden.


The Insecterium covers an area of 5 ha and set up to be a showcase of live insects in this area. Plants which were known to attract and provide food for insect had been planted in the garden.