Flora & Fauna


The vegetation of CRP consists of a large portion of undisturbed mixed Dipterocarp forest (MDF) and a stretch of pristine montane as well as upper montane mossy forest at the peak near Gunung Alab. The MDF in Borneo is particularly very high in species diversity as well as complex floristic composition. Species composition in this area is considered moderately to high diversity.


Crocker Range Park is known to harbour 106 species of mammals (the three most endangered species are the Orang Utan, the Sun Bear, the Clouded Leopard), 265 species of birds, 52 species of reptiles, 67 species of frogs and 26 species of freshwater fishes. Invertebrates of Crocker Range Park comprise of several hundreds insects. The record is still increasing as more research conducted from time to time. This indicates the richness of wildlife conserved in this park.