Tawau Hills Park lies 24 km NW of Tawau and was gazetted to protect water catchment resources for Tawau Town and the Semporna Peninsula. At least 7 major rivers originate here. The Tawau River flows through the middle of the 27,972 ha park and forms many natural deepwater pools and waterfalls, for example, the Table Waterfall.

A network of roads leads to the park, passing through agricultural estates. A newly completed sealed road connected the park from Tawau Town. Oil palm, rubber and cocoa fringe the park's boundaries. The terrain is hilly with two prime elevations - Gunung Magdalena ( 1310 metres) and Gunung Lucia ( 1201 metres). Bombalai Hill (530 metres) is a major landmark.

The Park Headquarters comprises of an office and staff accommodation. There are chalets, hostels and restaurants operated by KOKTAS, the Sabah Parks staff cooperative. Nature trails lead to waterfalls and hotsprings.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours : 8.00am - 4.00pm (Monday to Friday)
Opening Hours : 7.30am - 3.30pm (Saturday-Sunday/Public Holiday)

Tawau Hills Park

Tawau Hills Park e-Brochure

Updated 19 Feb 2024

Tawau Hills Park, Tawau

Updated fees. 2023 Rates

# Particulars 18 Years & Above 17 Years & Below Remarks
01 Conservation Fee (Malaysian) RM 6 RM 5 Malaysian aged 12 years old and below, 60 years old above & person with disability : Free of charge
02 Conservation Fee (International) RM 20 RM 12 --
* Conservation fee inclusive of entrance to Tawau Hills Botanical Garden

Climbing Permit Fee for Mount Maria, Mount Lucia & Mount Magdalena

Updated fees. 2023 Rates

Category Fee
International aged 18 years old and above
  • RM50 / person / peak
  • RM150 / person / multipeak
International aged 17 years old and below
  • RM20 / person / peak
  • RM60 / person / multipeak
Malaysian aged 18 years old and above
  • RM25 / person / peak
  • RM60 / person / multipeak
Malaysian aged 17 years old and below
  • RM10 / person / peak
  • RM25 / person / multipeak
Climbing Insurance Fee (Mount Maria, Mount Lucia and Mount Magdalena) RM7 / person / day
Climbing Certificate
  • Mount Maria (RM5 / person)
  • Mount Lucia (RM7 / person)
  • Mount Magdalena (RM10 / person)

* Mountain Guide (RM150 / day / 3 person) - Mount Magdalena, Lucia & Maria

Tawau Hills Park Mountain

# Mountain Height
01 Magdalena Mountain 1,312m
02 Lucia Mountain 1,202m
03 Maria Mountain 1,083m


Two substation had been setup, one in Balung on the eastern boundaries and Merotai on the western boundaries. This two substation were setup mainly as rangers station carrying out enforcement works. It also serve as a research and monitoring stations.

# Substation Area
01 Maratoi Substation Tawau - 1995
02 Balung Substation Tawau - 1995