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SOP For Mount Kinabalu Operation

Climbers who have completed vaccination and have obtained digital certificate with low risk.Climbers aged above 12 years old and below 70 years old ar.. Read More

7th Anniversary Celebration, Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve (CRBR) Declaration as Man And Biosphere (MAB)

On 12 June 2014, the 350,584-hectare Crocker Range Park and its surrounding area were declared as ‘Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve’ (CRBR) under the M.. Read More

Post-2015 quake, Mount Kinabalu now safer for climbers

The 2015 Ranau earthquake has brought about a positive impact in terms of management and facilities at Mount Kinabalu.Permanent Secretary to Sabah Tou.. Read More

Immigrant sentenced to a year's jail and RM25,000 fine for killing turtles

Immigrant sentenced to a year's jail and RM25,000 fine for killing turtlesThe Sessions Court here has sentenced a man to a year's jail and RM25,000 fi.. Read More

Tambunan's Gunung Alab offers a 'lung-cleansing' experience for tourists

TAMBUNAN: The lush greenery and cool temperatures of the Crocker Range Park make Gunung Alab one of Sabah's best "lung-cleansing" destinations.With te.. Read More

Standard Operating Procedure of Sabah Parks

Sabah Parks has release the official SOP for entering the Parks area. Please be inform that Sabah Parks will take action against those that not follow.. Read More