Poring Hot Spring


Poring is named after a species of giant bamboo that grows abundantly in the area. It lies in the eastern boundaries and situated some 40km (25miles) from the Kinabalu Park Headquarters. Poring is about 400m above sea level and is dominated by the lowland forest with huge dipterocarp trees easily seen on the trails.

Poring is known for its hot sulphur spring bath which was first developed by the Japanese during world war II. The hot waters of the spring are piped into open-air baths. Indoor bathtub is also available for those who preferred privacy. At Poring you could experience the breathtaking treetop walk on the 43m tall canopy walkway. Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world is one of the main attractions here.

Other Attractions


1.   Kipungit Waterfall This is the nearest waterfall from Poring Hot Spring & Nature Reserve. It takes approximately 15 minutes walk (1km). The waterfall is about 10 metres in height and suitable for group and family picnics.

2.   Langanan Waterfall This is the highest waterfall in Poring. It is more than 120 metres in height and takes approximately 2 hours trekking through the lowland tropical forest (3.4km).

Bat Cave

30 minutes walk from the main entrance of Poring Hot Spring and along the way to Langanan Waterfalls.

Swimming Pool / Sulphur Bath

To reach Poring's hot pools and swimming pools which are located in a clearing in the forest, one needs to cross a short suspension bridge over the Mamut River. From there, a path leads past some old trees and a grove of Gigantochloa levis , a giant bamboo species from which Poring got its name.

Water temperature in the 5 hot springs ranges between 49 to 60 degrees Celcius. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool (slide pool/rock pool) or soak in sulphurous water channelled from the hot springs into tiled pools and tubs.