Mount Kinabalu Climbing

Climbing Mt Kinabalu can be done in 2 days but a more comfortable climb in 3-days are recommended to acclimatise to the altitude and fully enjoy the rich biological diversity - the exotic rare plants, orchids, birds and many more.

While it does not require skills to do the climb, climbers must at least have a basic fitness level. Park regulations require climbers have to engage the services of a registered mountain guide.

The numbers of guides depend on the number of climbers. Porters services are available and recommended. Book and pay for your mountain guide and porter at the Kinabalu Park.

Peak of Mount Kinabalu

No Peaks Height
01 Lows Peaks 4095.2 M
02 Victoria Peaks 4090.0 M
03 St. Johns Peaks 4090.7 M
04 Alexandra Peaks 3997.5 M
05 Kinabalu South Peaks 3921.5 M
06 King George Peaks 4062.6 M
07 Mesilau Peaks 3801.3 M
08 St. Andrews Peaks 13295 FT
09 West Peaks NA
10 Dewall Peaks NA
11 No Name Peaks 12918 FT
12 Noudai Peaks NA
13 Tsukushi Peaks NA
14 Ugly Sister Peaks 13228 FT
15 Donkey Ears Peaks 13301 FT
16 Mushroom Peaks NA
17 Tunku Abdul Rahman Peaks 12952 FT
18 King Edward Peaks 13405 FT
19 Phallus Peaks NA
20 Gully Peaks NA
21 Cirque Peak NA
22 North Peak 12680 FT
23 Oyoyubi Iwu NA