Activities & Facilities


Scuba Diving & Snorkel
Tun Sakaran Marin Park provide as much as 21 prestigous scuba dive sites such as Tabah Siramba (Church Reef), Kapikan Reef, Ribbon Reef, Mantabuan, Sibuan Reef and more. Divers satisfaction is assured with opportunity to meet with various attractive marine life such as turtle, eagle rays, barracuda, bumphead parrotfish, nudibranchs and some type of sponges that were only recently discovered. It is difficult to describe the thrills that divers experiences when encounter with marine's macro life in Bodgaya lagoon. For visitors that do not possess a scuba diving licence, marine life can still be appreciated by snorkeling among the coral reefs. However, for safety reason all snorkelling activity need to be informed to the TSMP management.

Bohey Dulang Nature Trail
Visitors are encouraged to ascend the forest track in Pulau Bohey Dulang. During one hour journey climbing lava rock volcano, visitors often meet with common wild animal such as snakes, birds, and monkeys. From the top of the rock visitors will be delighted to the beutiful view of insular formation of the islands of TSMP.


At present, there is no accommodation on Tun Sakaran Marine Park islands. However, beside the resorts, there are one rental chalet facility for visitors in TSMP complex. The chalet is equipped with kitchen, bathroom facilities and furnitures. The chalet can accommodate 6 people at any one time, although there are rooms for 3 to 4 guests.

The main take off point from the mainland to Tun Sakaran Marine Park is by way of a tourist jetty at Kg. Bangau-bangau, Semporna. It takes about one hours to travel by fast boat. Jetty were available at all islands except Sibuan, Maiga, Bodgaya and Tetagan.

Soccer Field/Court Games
There is a soccer field in Tun Sakaran Marine Park complex and court games (sepak takraw, badminton and volleyball) which is regularly used by sabah parks staffs. However, visitor that keen to use it (rent), please obtain permission from park warden / officer in-charge.