Activities & Facilities


Hatchling Release Programme
The main attraction of the Turtle Islands Park is the turtle, watching turtle egg laying and hatchling release programme is the highlight of the visit; this, however, only occurs during the night. Thus, only overnight visitors to the islands have opportunity to experience the occasion. At the same time, visitors could learn and understood how the conservation process executed by parks employees.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
Among the main recreation activities in Turtle Islands Park is scuba diving and snorkeling. Areas which this activities were allowed were divided into zones. Please refer to park manager/officer in-charge.

Mud Volcano
Other touristic attraction is the bubbling mud volcanoes, which is only found in Pulau Bakkungan Kechil. The mud volcanoes found here is the only few found in Sabah (the other being on Pulau Tiga). A mud volcano is simply a mild surface bubbling of liquid mud and natural gas coming from underneath the surface of the earth.


Accommodation/ Restaurant
Various kind of accommodations and a restaurant were available in Pulau Selingaan which is run by Crystal Quest. Other facilities were underway at Bakkungan Kechil Island.

At present the main take off point from the mainland to Turtle Islands Park is by way of a jetty at Qrystal Quest, Jalan Buli, Sim-sim. It takes about one hours to travel by fast boat. Jetty were available only at Bakkungan Kechil Is.

Exhibition Centre
An exhibition centre can be found in the administrative building at Selingaan Island. It is open from 9.00am to 4.00 pm. Entrance is free and could accomodaten 20-30 people. A video show is also available for visitors at 7.00pm.

Surau were available for muslim visitor only at Bakkungan Kechil Is.