Terrestrial Life at Pulau Tiga Park

Pulau Tiga is one of Sabah's few undisturbed off shore islands. Plant life is luxuriant, helped by the fact that the island was a forest reserve. Putat Laut, Penaga Laut and Ketapang or umbrella tree are dominant species along the shoreline. Sea Shore Morning Glory thrives amidst groves of pine-like aru trees. Since the mud eruption of 1941, aru trees have colonised much of the mud flow areas. A fairly open forest of pole like trees lies behind the shelter of the coastal fringe. Two species dominate the forest - ranggu and keruing.

Birds are the most visible including large populations of Pied Hornbills and Megapodes. Nightjars, Magpie Robbins, and Sunbirds are common in open clearings. Pigeons, Sea Eagles, Frigate birds, waders and other migratory visitors are regulars. Bats, flying foxes, Long Tailed Macaques, monitor lizards and skinks are often sighted.