Sabah Parks Revenue Exceeds RM54 mil in 2023

Mar 11, 2024

Sabah Parks is on the right track to becoming an agency capable of self-sustaining financially.

State Tourism, Culture and Environment minister Datuk Christina Liew said that the revenue of Sabah Parks in 2023 amounted to RM 54 million, excluding government grants.

"In reality, it is not easy to manage the Sabah Parks area, which covers a total of 1.2 million hectares. There are areas deep within the forests and remote island areas that require several hours of boat travel to reach.

"Managing and protecting these areas incur high costs, therefore the concept of sustainability needs to align with strengthening the financial resources of Sabah Parks.

"Only with strong financial support can sustainability be achieved. Strong financial support enables us to implement more programs and facility upgrading projects," she said during Sabah Parks 2023 Appreciation night at a hotel here last night.

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Image Source : Ludi Apin, Sabah Parks