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Filming in the Park

An explanation on the process of filming within the area of Sabah Parks

Filming in the Park

1. A formal application shall be made by the submission of the letter and documents, by hand or by post, to the Sabah Parks.
2. A complete application shall be submitted at least fourteen (14) days before the date of the filming.
3. Prior approval from relevant organizations/ agencies is required before filming activities can commerce.
4. Local counterpart shall be responsible to assist in applying from the following government department/ agencies:-

Procedures & Guidelines to Conduct Filming

No Name of Organization Name, Address & Telephone Contacts Important Notes
01 Central Agency For The Application For Filming And Performance By Foreign Artistes (PUSPAL) Chairman Central Agency Committee for Application for Filming And Performance by Foreign Artistes (JK-PUSPAL) Cultural Policy Division Ministry of Information, Communications and Heritage Malaysia 30th Floor, Menara TH Perdana, Maju Junction 1001 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50694 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA Tel: (+6)03-26127600 Fax: (+6)03-26945264 Email: puspal@heritage.gov.my All foreign film companies/organizations must obtain approval from PUSPAL.
02 Sabah Lands & Surveys Department Director, Sabah Lands & Surveys Dept. Wisma Tanah & Ukur Jalan Perwira 88100 KOTA KINABALU, MALAYSIA Tel.: (+6) 03-26170868, 26916987 Permission from this Department is required only if aerial filming is involved.
03 Sabah Chief Minister's Department (CMD) Secretary of State Internal Affairs & Research Sabah State Internal Affairs & Research Office Sabah Chief Minister's Department Level 4, Wisma Innoprise 88817 KOTA KINABALU, SABAH, MALAYSIA Tel: (+6) 088-328000 Fax: (+6) 088-328038 Approval from CMD is required for all filming conducted in the state of Sabah.
04 Sabah State National Security Council (MKN) Secretary of State Security Sabah State National Security Council Prime Minister's Department Level 6, Block A Federal Government Administration Complex Jalan UMS 88400 KOTA KINABALU, SABAH, MALAYSIA Tel.: +6 088 488512, 488506, 488504 Fax: +6 088 488510 Approval from MKN is required for filming in Sipadan Island Park.
05 Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia Director of Air Transport Division Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia No. 27 Persiaran Perdana Aras 1-4 Blok Podium 62618 PUTRAJAYA Tel : +603 8871 4221 Fax : +603 8889 2642 Email : psh2_bpu@caam.gov.my Permission from this Department is required on if the filming using Aerial Unmanned Vehicle/ Drone is involved

Filming Fee Pricing Schedule

# Commercial Film (for viewing in Cinema)
Local MYR 25,000.00
Foreign MYR 100,000.00

# Commercial Film (for viewing in TV)
Local MYR 25,000.00
Foreign MYR 100,000.00

# Advertisement
Local MYR 1,000.00 per advertisement
Foreign MYR 5,000.00 per advertisement

# Tourism Promotion
Local MYR 1,000.00 per film
Foreign MYR 5,000.00 per film

# Documentary
Local (a). Fee : MYR 1,500.00
(b). Deposit : MYR 5,000.00
Foreign (a). Fee : MYR 25,000.00
(b). Deposit : MYR 10,000.00

# Film or Documentary (Student Assignment)
Local & Foreign MYR 500.00

# Use of Camera for Professional or Commercial Purpose
Local MYR 100.00
Foreign MYR 1,000.00