Mount Tambuyukon

Mt. Tambuyukon is located in the Northern Part of Sabah. With its highest elevation of 2,580m (8,462ft), Mount Tambuyukon is the third highest mountain in Malaysia after Mount Kinabalu and Mount Trusmadi.

Mount Tambuyukon is situated at the centre of Kinabalu Park. Being isolated with limited accessibility, this area is yet to be explored extensively. Located separately but adjacent to the majestic Mount Kinabalu makes this area an interesting and exclusive research site. Attractive research fields include varied aspects of biology, phytochemistry, geology, hydrology, socio economy and eco-tourism potential.

Ascent route to the top most of Mount Tambuyukon provides an interesting experience as the route crosses a large altitude range, starting from the lowland of about 200 meters and ended in mountain elevation of more than 2,500 meters above sea level. This ascent track also cuts across various types of rocks and soils including the ultra-basic, giving a vast variety of biodiversity that could be discovered along the way.

Mount Nambuyukon

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